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When Success is Used for Good

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia (Ronen Goldman – Kuf Dalet Group)

Israeli-Russian entrepreneur Yitzchak Mirilashvili is a classic example of a case in which success is used for good.  In as much as he is a successful business executive, Mirilasvili is an extremely generous philanthropist.  He gives an enormous amount of money – on a regular basis – to noteworthy charitable causes.

Based in both Russia and Israel, Mirilashvili co-founded Vk.com – Russia’s largest social network.  As chairman and majority shared of the firm, the company has enjoyed tremendous success.  Indeed, earlier this year it was rated by Alexa as being within the Top 500 sites.

Together with his wife Vika Mirilashvili, Yitzchak donates millions of dollars to educational, welfare and social institutions around the world.  They have a charitable foundation – Keren Menomim – through which they help sustain many institutions working with disadvantaged individuals and communities. One example of this is the food bank Yehuda Ya’aleh.