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Donations of Davidson

baseballBill Davidson (1922-2009) – as well as being a successful US businessman (chair, CEO and president of Guardian Industries) was an extremely very generous philanthropist.  A co-founder of the Pistons/Palace Foundation (which, itself gave over $20 million), his gifts to the William Davidson Institute at Michigan University has exceeded $55 million.

The Pistons/Palace Foundation also joined with the City of Detroit’s Parks and Recreation Department to create the Partnership to Adopt and Renovate Parks for Kids (PARK) Program.  With this program parks, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, playground equipment and running trucks were renovated.

With all of these donations (and more), Davidson was honored by the Council of Michigan Foundations in 1997 for his “lifelong philanthropic efforts locally, nationally and internationally.” The New York Times (in the same year) named  him one of the most generous donors in America.