Shiva Baby

Discussion on a new movie written and directed by Emma Seligman has been heating up.  It could have been a great movie to show in March, coinciding with Women’s History Month.’ One of the main characters – Kim – is the family’s breadwinner and the other women depicted in the movie come out as unashamedly strong and confident characters, true role models for females today.

The main character in the movie – Danielle – has to attend a shiva.  Under normal circumstances these events can be awkward, but in this instance she has to confront a whole slew of people who give the word “uncomfortable” a run for its money.  Her sugar daddy, his wife (and child), and an ex-girlfriend.  Of course then there is the classic pushy middle-aged Brooklyn Jew who have all sorts of advice for her.

26-year-old Seligman has made quite an achievement with the movie.  Especially vis-à-vis strong feminine roles. Perhaps it is thus not surprising that the writer-director has a ton of prospects coming her way from a whole range of film sectors.

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