Generous Donors Build NW London Children’s Hospice

There is a new children’s hospice in London that will serve some of the many sick children in the area. It was created thanks to the support of the London Jewish community.  ‘Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice’ opened the building – which cost £8.5m – in Barnet.  This will serve everyone – Jews and non-Jews alike throughout central and north London.

The ‘Ark’ – as it will be known – features 24-hour end-of-life care, bereavement counseling, activities for families and children, and more.  It is set in a stunning nature reserve spanning 7.5 acres and is built in the shape of a butterfly. According to London Mayor Sadiq Khan:

“As the Mayor I am so inspired in relation to the generosity of Jewish Londoners. I’ve met children of Islamic faith. I’ve met children who are African-Caribbean. I’ve met children who may not be of the Jewish faith. They’re benefiting because of the generosity of Jewish people. I want every Jewish News reader of Jewish faith, Jewish background, Jewish heritage, who’s given money, given support, volunteered, got involved in this to be so proud of the fact that there are children of other backgrounds, other faiths, other heritages who will benefit.”

Tottenham Hotspurs FC also lent tremendous support to the establishment of the Ark.  In attendance at the opening were team captains Hugo Lloris and Jenna Schillaci as well as Club Executive Director, Donna-Maria Cullen who said:

“The Ark truly is the home that the charity and those it supports deserves, providing first-class facilities to further enhance the vital delivery of care and support. The club, its staff, players and fans are humbled to have played a small part on this journey.”

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