Sidney Kimmel: Extraordinary Philanthropist and Businessman

Sidney Kimmel is a Jewish philanthropist who focuses on healthcare, education, arts and culture.

Mr. Kimmel donated $150 million to Johns Hopkins in Maryland for cancer research and patient care. Speaking of his gift, Mr. Kimmel said:  “I am blessed. To be able to support one of the leading institutions in the world and build on its momentum gives so much meaning to what we have all done thus far to defeat cancer and provides even more hope for what can now be accomplished.”

Kimmel has also contributed millions of dollars towards other cancer centers, museums and science research centers. The Kimmel Scholars Program, overseen by Sidney Kimmel, supports young cancer scientists nationally.

Kimmel’s path to philanthropy stems from humble beginnings. Born in Philadelphia in 1928, Kimmel is the son of a cab driver. Kimmel went on to become the founder of Jones Apparel Group as well as Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

Kimmel’s goal is to donate 1 billion dollars to charity throughout his lifetime.

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