Gerson’s Generous Giving

It’s one thing to give generously to important causes.  It’s another to recruit more individuals to do the same.  That’s what a recent article in World Magazine just described vis-a-vis Mark Gerson’s actions.

A generous giver of “millions of dollars to Christian mission hospitals in Africa[for their] high-quality healthcare for a bargain price[Gerson has now] recruited another prominent Jewish philanthropist, Barry Segal, to give to these Christian hospitals.”

Founder of Bradco, via the Segal Family Foundation, Barry met the $100,000 matching grant provided by Gerson.  That money will now be used to “construct housing for family medicine trainees in Malawi and for faculty doctors in Uganda.”

Gerson launched the African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) with his missionary doctor friend Jon Fielder in order to “support the effective and compassionate medical efforts of mission & church organizations across the continent.”

It probably wasn’t much of a challenge for Gerson to bring Barry Segal in.  As it is, his family has its own foundation which “gives about $15 million a year to African organizations.”

“Gerson often describes the current era as the historic peak of Christian-Jewish friendship, and those bonds seem to be growing, with the friendship of at least two prominent Jewish families extended to Christian missionaries.”


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