Giving in the Arts and Humanities

Sylvan Goldman – the inventor of the grocery cart – was an incredibly generous man.  Together with his wife, during his life Goldman developed a reputation for his giving, charitable, philanthropic nature.

Much of this was encountered in the art industry, in particular in institutions in Oklahoma.  Some of these examples include: his generosity to the National Conference of Christians and Jews at the Southwest Center for Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma.

For his generosity he was honored in a variety of ways.  These include:

  1. 1950: Pawnee Indian Tribe – Honorary Chief
  2. 1965: Eleanor Roosevelt Humanities Award
  3. 1971: University of Oklahoma – Distinguished Service Citation
  4. 1971: Oklahoma Hall of Fame – Inducted
  5. 1974: Oklahoma City University – Law Degree

Also, thanks to his $1.5 million generosity, the Oklahoma Blood Institute was able to relocate to the Sylvan N. Goldman Center in 1983.

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