Casden: Community Aide in Education, Real Estate and More

Alan Casden (born 1945) dedicates a lot of his resources to philanthropic endeavor.  Born in 1945, throughout his life he worked hard to become a successful US businessman in the real estate industry.  Today his companies have in total built more than 90,000 multi-family apartments.

Casden has also developed a staunch reputation of his giving nature.  For example, he gave a staggering $10.6 million to the University of Sothern California for the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life.  He also endowed a dean’s chair at the Leventhal School and established the Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast within the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate.

In recognition of some of his generosity, when President of the United States, George W. Bush appointed him to serve on the Honorary Delegation accompanying him to the city of Jerusalem to mark the state of Israel’s 60th anniversary in 2008.  Thereafter he also selected him to serve for five years on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

Throughout his life Casden has been supporting various Jewish-related causes such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance and LA’s Yesiva University. At the Jerusalem 3000 celebration he was named a “friend of Jerusalem.”



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