Cooperman and Columbia

givingApart from his generosity as a philanthropist of the Columbia Business School, together with his wife Toby Cooperman, Leon G. Cooperman is manager of the Leon and Toby Cooperman Foundation, which in 2014 pledged $25 million to the Saint Barnabas Medical Center enabling the construction of its  200,000 square-foot Cooperman Family Pavilion.

Being co-signatories of The Giving Pledge – “a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of the wealth to giving back,” the Coopermans are extremely integral to the entire world of philanthropy, charity and volunteer work.

Vis-à-vis the Columbia Business School, Leon Cooperman has been exceedingly generous in his large monetary donations.  Herewith in chronological order are examples of his major investments in the academic institution:

  1. 1995: endowment of the Leon Cooperman Professorship of Finance and Economics
  2. 2000: establishment of the Leon Cooperman Scholarship (to support financial aid for need based students).
  3. 2007: establishment of the Cooperman Scholarship Challenge (assisting in the formation of more than 40 need-based scholarships).
  4. 2011: $25 million (enabling the school’s campus to expand).

Cooperman was also the first individual in America to endow the program that sends Jewish Americans aged 18-26 on a visit to Israel to bolster their Jewish identity – Birthright Israel.

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