Rudin Foundations and Charitable Endeavors

Beth Rudin DeWoody engages in a variety of philanthropic causes, both as part of her name as well as other charitable organizations.  For example, she is President of the May and Rudin Family Foundation which gives many scholarships to worthy students in the public health sphere. Outside of the family foundations (there is also the Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation), since the mid 1980s, Beth has been a board member of the Whitney Museum of America Art.  She is also a board member of: the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Creative Time, The New School University, (Israel’s) Design Museum Holon and (Los Angeles’) Hammer Museum.

When it comes to the Family Foundation, the Mailman School for example, is able to extend their capacity to diverse students who wish to orchestrate a career in the public health sphere. One such example of this is the Rudin Scholars in Public Health Award, established back in 2002 by Beth.  It was set up to “recognize students with an aspiration to improve population health in New York City, the country, and around the world.” Eligible students are those who have shown exemplary academic performance as well as a fiscal need.

Two examples of award recipients are:

  1. Miriam Musa – studying for a Public Health Masters in the Epidemiology department, for a certificate in Global Health.
  2. Johane Simelane – likewise in a Master of Public Health course, but at the Health Policy and Management department, hoping to graduate in the field of Public Health Informatics

Then there is the biennial Rudin Prize for Emerging Photographers which apart from offering recognition, provides the winners with $20,000.  Artists who have never had a solo museum show are eligible to apply.  Created by Beth in 2014, it comes under the umbrella of Florida’s Norton Museum of Art.


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