The Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation (NCF) was established in 1949 by Nathan Cummings.  On Cummings’ passing in 1985 the foundation was the recipient of most of the (estimated) $200 million estate. The foundation is focused on two main areas:  inequality and climate change, in particular, clean energy and Inclusive Clean Economy, with an emphasis on community.  It has been donating around $6 million to Jewish causes each year.

As well as the NCF Cummings spent a lot of his life giving to other organizations.  Mostly, his charitable donations were focused on education and health, in particular, hospitals, art organizations, universities as well as Jewish causes.

Furthermore, at Stanford University he endowed the Nathan Cummings Arts Center, and at Connecticut College, the Nathan Cummings Art Center.  In his lifetime, he also gave generously to Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Chicago’s Art Institute.


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