Bruce Kovner’s Generosity

Bruce Kovner is a US businessman, who is chairman of CAM Capital, founded and chaired Caxton Associates, chairs The Julliard School board, is Vice Chair of the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts (donating generously to its redevelopment), serves on the American Enterprise Institute, Metropolitan Opera, and Synta Pharmaceuticals boards.  He founded and chaired the School Choice Scholarships Foundation, an organization which gives scholarships to NYC’s financially-disadvantaged youth.

Alongside his business work in the arts, Kovner has a philanthropic edge in the industry.  In 1996, he created The Kovner Foundation “to support organizations that promote excellence in the arts and education, initiatives that defend private enterprise and protect individual rights, and scholarly studies and research that strengthen American democratic principles.”

With the Julliard School – along with his role of board Chairman – together with his wife Suzie, he gave a gift of $60 million, endowing the Kovner Fellowship Program.  This was the largest one-time gift the school ever received.     In 2012, he gave a further $20 million to the musical institute, setting up its graduate program in historical performance.  In addition, he donated music manuscripts for their usage.

These are just some of the many ways in which Kovner has given generously over the years to educational and artistic funds.  He has also been a forerunner in backing conservative causes in which he believes.


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