Meyer Luskin Bolsters UCLA’s Campus

Together with his wife Renee, Meyer Luskin has generously donated to UCLA.  With an endowment of $100 million to the campus, it is Luskins’ hope that the Californian educational institute’s role as a “public resource and agent for social mobility” will be bolstered.  This marks the second largest gift that the university has ever received.

Due to their generosity, Meyer and his wife Renee Luskin were included in an article entitled ’15 Little Known Rich Families that have Positively Impacted Philanthropy’ by Jay Adrianna.  She explained how while Meyer began his life humbly, “commuting to UCLA in 1949 from Boyle Heights,” with his degree in economics from the institution, he managed to “create a career, running a successful company that eventually became an exclusively animal feed product manufacturer.”

Given that Luskin is now CEO of Scope Industries, he now has the resources to “give back to UCLA,” as he claims that it was his education that gave him the chance to become successful (along with meeting his wife!).

This endowment is being given to academic courses and capital enhancements that strengthen the university’s work toward harnessing intellectual capital, while involving the public and leading civic and societal challenges that exist, most notably in LA.


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