Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg Philanthropist Par Excellence

People outside The Jewish Museum - 2004 Museum Mile Festival.
People outside The Jewish Museum – 2004 Museum Mile Festival.

Michael Bloomberg, native of Boston was probably the wealthiest person to be the mayor of New York, and perhaps the most generous as well. He is a part owner of a privately-held company with an estimated worth of $4 billion and $750 million in revenue in 1996. He donated $55 million from 1995 to 1998 just to Johns Hopkins University, where he is the chairman of the board.

Bloomberg also provides terminals, with 82,000 of them bringing analytical and news services to investment and securities companies all across the US. Bloomberg’s financial news service is sent to over 800 newspapers and 225 radio stations internationally.

In addition to his support of the Jewish Museum in New York, he also gives to the US Chamber of Commerce and his alma mater, Harvard University.

Bloomberg was the first recipient of The Genesis Prize. He took his $1 million award and created a global competition called the Genesis Generation Challenge. The Challenge is designed to encourage the creation of ideas for projects which are guided by Jewish values and offer ways of addressing positively some of the world’s most pressing problems. As many as ten teams will win at least $100,000 in order to implement their ideas.

“To me, nothing is more central to Jewish values than wanting to make the world a better place,” said Bloomberg. “Young people in every corner of the earth have great ideas of how to change the world but lack the resources they need to try. The Genesis Generation Challenge will help find and fund them.”


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