Elly Kleinman: Preserving Holocaust Memorial

holocaust-memorialAs founder and president of the Kleinman Holocaust Education Center (KFHEC), Elly Kleinman is dedicated to the preservation of Holocaust memorial for future generations.  He established the center to “enable both Jewish and diverse audiences of all faiths and background to better understand the Holocaust in its entirety with a special emphasis on the Orthodox Jewish perspective and experience.” Or, as Kleinman himself puts it, it is a center whereby programs and organizations committed to Holocaust memorial can pool resources and ensure they work efficiently.

It is Elly Kleinman who has made this center possible.  He is the son of Holocaust survivors and as well as the KFHEC, he donates generously to a variety of events with a Holocaust theme.  By 2017 it a new KFHEC museum will be open in Borough Park, Brooklyn, following a 2016 rebranding to be known as The Amud Aish Memorial Museum, an initiative supported by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.


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