Sporty Sol

soccerApart from being CEO and founder of Outerstuff (a manufacturer of youth licensed sports clothing), Sol Werdiger is a truly generous individual. Not only does he donate large amounts of money, Werdiger also gives of his time to causes close to his heart.  He is the official US representative for the World Jewish Restitution Organization which ensures Jewish interests and heritage in post-war Europe are preserved.  He sits on the Ichud Mosods Gur executive board, a charitable institution for education.  Branching off of this, Sol Werdiger created Camp Werdiger which provides a fun camp for children with special needs while at the same time, giving their parents some much needed respite.  Getting back to education, he is on the board of the Brooklyn Jewish Center for Special Education which is all about helping the kids with learning disabilities or other mental conditions.

And Sol Werdiger brings charity home too.  He is the host of an annual fundraising breakfast – at his home – to raise monies for the special needs educational schools budget.  This is something he has been doing for more than two decades. As an umbrella to all of this, the Werdiger Family Foundation was set up to direct charitable monies to various philanthropic organizations by Sol Werdiger.

Werdiger’s business is likewise booming.  He reports that Outerstuff has “600,000 SKUs in our NFL business alone. At any given moment, we carry 4 or 5 million blanks [apparel without printing], and last year, we brought in and shipped more than 38 million garments.’’


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