Shlomo Rechnitz uses Olympic Win to Make Charitable Donation

bronzeLA Businessman Shlomo Rechnitz purchased Yarden Gerbi’s autographed name patch for $52,100 on eBay, pledging the proceeds to charity.  Gerbi — Israel’s recent Rio judo bronze medalist — put the listing on eBay and the money used from this will now be put toward the purchase of medical equipment at Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

In addition, Rechnitz has announced that he will re-auction Gerbi’s name patch.  Likewise, that money will go to the medical center in Tel Aviv.  Of this act, Shlomo Rechnitz said: “Everyone must learn from Yarden how to use their skills to help people in need.”

This philanthropic act from Rechnitz is just one of many that he engages in.  Earlier this year in January he purchased 18,000 Powerball lottery tickets for his staff.  The jackpot for that Powerball was the highest of its kind – 1.6 billion – and the idea was to divide between the three winning tickets, each of which were worth $528.8 million.    Rechnitz made it a priority to ensure that every single one of his workers around California were given the opportunity to get the jackpot.  And in the places where no 24-hour convenience stores existed, he offered cash each other to local mini-marts so that they could stay open which would give his staff a chance to purchase a ticket.

In November of 2015, Rechnitz was traveling with his family to Israel.  During a layover in Shannon, Ireland, the businessman stumbled upon 400 American soldiers who were about to eat their paper sack dinners.  He thought better of that and wanted them instead to enjoy a warm meal.  Thus he paid $50 per soldier to give them all a really good meal.  The commander (who he approached to set this in motion) said that this act was not necessary but Rechnitz insisted.  During the meal he asked Shlomo to address them as to why he wanted to do this.  He agreed, explaining: ” …you guys risk your lives to protect me and protect my family. If I get to go out and see a whole bunch of Army soldiers and Marines, it’s something that makes me proud. I’m on my way to Israel now and you guys protect them too, and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Shlomo Rechnitz – together with his wife Tamar – oversees the Shlomo and Tamar Rechnitz Charitable Foundation, which every year gives money to more than 1,000 institutions.

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