The Goodness of Benzion Freshwater

Benzion Freshwater is a trustee of Mayfair Charities Limited. This registered charitable organization between 2007 and 2008 disbursed £8,553,000 to “organizations and institutions engaged in the provision of education and promotion of religious observance within the tenets of orthodox Judaism and for the relief of poverty.”

The organization – established in 1968 by Benzion together with his brother Shalom Freshwater – was set up to “provide grants to organizations, education/training, prevention of relief of poverty and other general charitable purposes.”  Today Benzion is a trustee of the charitable organization.  The organization operates throughout the world in a variety of countries including: Australia, Belgium, England, France, Israel, Lithuania and USA.

Together with his family, Benzion Freshwater was listed number 27 on The Jewish Chronicle’s Jewish Power 100 list of 2008.  The honored description of the family read as follows:

“Leading philanthropists in the strictly Orthodox community who contribute to hundreds of charitable causes, both organisations and individuals, here and abroad. Benzion Freshwater chairs the family’s property business and is valued at £970 million by the Sunday Times Rich List. As well as being part of the business, younger brother Shlomo has made a huge impact on the spiritual scene as rabbi of the Sassover Beis Hamedrash in Golders Green and head of the Chaye Olam Yeshivah on Finchley Road, the only Yeshivah in North-West London, to which he devotes a considerable amount of his time.”


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