Ira Rennert’s Generosity is to Jewish Institutions of All Kinds

Alley in Jerusalem

Ira Rennert, founder of the Renco Group, is an active philanthropist, along with his wife, Inge. Mr. Rennert gives his donations mostly to institutions of education, health and Jewish institutions.

Among his Jewish giving  are his donation of over 150 Torah scrolls to communities all over Israel; Bar Ilan and Yeshiva University; and the restoration of the Western Heritage Wall in Jerusalem. His wife Inge, is the founder of the Women’s Institute for Torah, and is the president of the American Friends of the Open University of Israel.

Last Passover Mr. Rennert donated 10,000 new suits to yeshiva students all over Israel. The idea was proposed by Mr. Rennert’s rabbi, Rav Aaron Bina, who is the head of Netiv Aryeh, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. Rav Bina was visiting with another rabbi, Rav R. Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, who told him that many yeshiva students are experiencing impoverished living conditions, some only consuming bread and water for dinner and breakfast.

To relieve some of the burden of their poverty, new suits for the holiday of Passover from Ira Rennert was truly a blessing.


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