Haysha Deitsch and the Friendship Circle

Friendship CircleHaysha Deitsch has been involved in raising funds for Crown Heights’ Friendship Circle.  Apart from being a real estate developer in New York, Deitsch has been making great efforts to create events to help The Friendship Circle.

An example of this was an event he hosted whereby members gathered to eat and drink, while benefiting a good cause. And that is exactly what The Friendship Circle is – a “non-profit organization that fosters strong relationships between local teens and Brooklyn-based special needs children.” Deitsch supports this entity that bolsters positive interaction with various Jewish social and educational activities to help children in a variety of aspects.

Furthermore, those who volunteer with The Friendship Circle helping these kids do so in a way that they get back as well, developing life-long bonds with those involved.  Of his work with the organization, Haysha Deitsch explained:

“The Bais Shmuel believes in the great non-profit work being done by Crown Heights-based organization The Friendship Circle, so we planned a fundraiser to support their efforts as much as possible. I worked with sponsor Shmuly Kopfstein to host this important event, and we were able to raise a significant amount of money for the non-profit organization. We hope our contribution will help The Friendship Circle continue their important work in the community.”


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