Philanthropic Huberfield

giving-handsEven though Murray Huberfield is a successful businessman (being the Chairman of Centurion Credit Management, LP), he also finds time for his core values – giving back through philanthropic efforts.  As such, some years ago he established the Huberfeld Family Foundation, where today he is also an officer.

Under the auspices of the Huberfield Family Foundation is the The Huberfeld Family Semikha Leadership Initiative.  This is a three-year fellowship designed to mold future leaders of the American rabbinate.  And it is truly having a positive impact on the wider Jewish community.

According to RIETS Dean (where the Initiative is taking place), Rabbi Yona Reiss, “t is our privilege to be afforded this special opportunity to provide enhanced leadership training to students in consonance with time treasured Torah principles of areivus, our communal responsibility towards klal yisroel.”  Echoing this sentiment was RIETS Director of Professional Education, Rabbi Marc Penner said, “The goal of this program is not to produce leaders who will fill positions in existing institutions. It is to train leaders who will envision and create the institutions of tomorrow.”

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