Lord Glasman Thanks Shomrim

Lord Glasman
picture captured from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VojFudGVd_o

Labour peer Lord Glasman has given a big thank you to the community safety group Shomrim after they helped to grab two thieves on bicycles who tried to steel Lord Glasman’s briefcase. In June, two youths on bikes with their faces covered tried to rob Lord Glasman near his home in Stoke Newington.

The boys tried to grab his briefcase from him and volunteers from the Jewish neighborhood watch team Shomrim witnessed the attempted mugging. They chased the two teenagers and detained the pair until police arrived.

When the boys were sentenced, the judge said, “[He] is one of the best known boys in the building. He and his friends are back to court so many times we all know you. We have seen you so many times in the last 18 months that you are coming quite famous for all the wrong reasons. I am beginning to wonder whether one day I’m walking home from court and your and your friends are going to jump on me and try to take my handbag. I know you and you know me. I’m going to give you one chance and one chance only. You won’t get another one, I’m fed up of seeing you. If you see me again I will have no choice but to lock you up.”

Lord Glasman thanked Shomrim for their “exemplary work” as he said, “You make all people in our community safer, even me. It is wonderful that you are there and wonderful to know you.”


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